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The Ask

It's a classic story: All dressed up and nowhere to go.

Dr. Brady Frank had a revolutionary approach to minimally-invasive implant placement. Only one problem: his company was run out of a dental practice. Patients, of course, came first, but the split-focus hindered the expansion of ideas and procedures.


OsteoReady required website through which clients could order products, find out more about procedures and techniques and participate in clinical discussion. b2d helped create these functional elements while simultaneously capturing OsteoReady's character in the aesthetic design of the website.

Osteo Website (iPad/iPhone)

Approachb2d Marketing lifted OsteoReady to a platform for reaching prospects on a much larger scale. Customer service representatives, sales representatives, event management, marketing, interactive, accounting and administrative support both amplified and strategically funneled the company's voice into the correct market for the growing business' needs. Everything from staff, to marketing, to the physical products were streamlined to lower the overhead for the dentist who could, in turn, pass the savings onto the patients, therefore making OsteoReady a stand-out choice in the marketplace.


Minimally-invasive techniques and equipment go hand in hand. Thus, it was important the company provide simple access to OsteoReady's specialty implants, drills and procedures. The easy-to-follow vector graphics and step-by-step instruction located within Surgical Reference and Drill Sequence Guide makes referencing techniques more easily accessible for course attendees once their back in the office.


OsteoReady took off. By streamlining the company's philosophy with its branding, targeting a larger yet more appropriate market, and simplifying the products for the sake of affordability and efficiency, OsteoReady's annual sales increased by 300 percent in its first six months with b2d Marketing.