The Digital Dentist

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The Challenge

The Digital Dentist has a well-established reputation with an extensive following. The majority of their business was based around in-person technology integration on an office-by-office basis. The client was interested in presenting to their already well-honed customers a line of products that could achieve a sophisticated level of digital practice security without the need for individual consultations.

Practice Byte Guard

Our Approach

b2d Marketing helped envision and brand The Digital Dentist's line of security-oriented products. Using existing customer data, The Digital Dentist's most requested services were streamlined into a one stop digital and HIPAA compliance defense bundle known as Practice Byte Guard. Redesigning and relaunching the website with an eye on user-behavior allowed The Digital Dentist to focus their message and deliver results to existing customers quickly and effectively while simultaneously expanding to a broader audience.


The Digital Dentist maintained their status as trusted technology experts while simultaneously implementing a line of products that allowed clinicians to maintain practice security without needing to schedule in-person consultations. This approach proved lucrative for both The Digital Dentist and their customers alike.