Acero XT

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The Challenge

AceroXT Crowns were initially developed for personal use by a group practice. But the client had larger ambitions, and approached b2d Marketing in need of everything from fulfillment to marketing to branding to sales.

Crown photo

Our Approach

The client had an intrinsic advantage over its competition: they provided the consumer with high-quality pediatric crowns at half the price. It was b2d's responsibility to leverage this advantage strategically and launch AceroXT Crowns as a major player in the pediatric dental industry.


Although AceroXT Crowns had no previous market outside the group practice, within two and a half years of working with b2d Marketing, the client had a 25 percent market penetration in the pediatric dental specialty market alone. AceroXT Crowns continues to develop new product lines alongside b2d, most notably the soon-to-be-released ACERO3S crown.